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Civilization is built by men with families to feed.

Without the dads, we're toast.

Dads are back.

Reintroducing the book that predicted it all.

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George Gilder has been clear about the stakes for the family since 1974.

Fifty years later, the need of the hour remains:

Men that take responsibility for themselves,

Men that love their wives,

Men that raise their own children,

Men with insatiable economic libido.

Without fathers, our civilization sinks back into the Stone Age.

Or else.

Time to bring dads back...

The Sage Box

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The Machine wants you atomized, renting forever, chasing handouts, gawking free porn, stunted in business and in bed. Rage against the machine.

Take the Gilder pill.

Civilization will not build itself. So get this box to sagehood. With it, recover the wisdom of the ages. Learn clear-eyed defiance against moral collapse. And steady your faith with a nuclear family against Oppenheimer-odds.

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The Hardback




The third edition with a brand new 2023 introduction by Douglas Wilson and preface from George.

Praise for Men and Marriage

Ben Shapiro

“Controversial, passionately argued, and vitally important . . . To the precise extent we ignore Gilder's message, we will fall into a state of inexorable societal decline."

Scott Yenor

"An unbilnkered, unromantic look at how our feminist regime has brought about a new, less responsible, weaker, man. . . Indispensable for understanding our situation and for a way forward. "
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Mollie Hemingway

"Men and women are fundamentally different—but they also desperately need each other . . . Extraordinarily prescient half a century ago . . . More relevant and righteous than ever."

Mark Levin

“I’ve read George Gilder for years. Look around at the moral chaos today—Gilder has gone unheeded for decades. I hope Men and Marriage influences a new generation that’s in desperate need of sanity.”

C. R. Wiley

"A testament to the common sense that once prevailed in western civilization, and a blueprint for the future if common sense is to prevail again . . . George Gilder saw it all coming."

Charles murray

"No writer makes me say to myself 'I wish I’d written that' as often as George Gilder. . . You cannot read Men and Marriage without having been made wiser about how the world works."

William f. Buckley Jr.

"George Gilder is the great American Bard of the cyber world, learned and melodious."

Nick Solheim

"Impressive work . . . strongly correlates masculinity and marriage . . . Absent the guiding roles of husband and father, men risk losing their way in 'a tempestuous and transitory present.'”
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James Dobson

"Head and shoulders above the rest of us . . . I have recommended Men and Marriage for more than 30 years."

Eric Metaxas

"It is today as simultaneously prescient and relevant as when most of it appeared fifty years ago."

Jerry Bowyer

"Gilder's book shows that marriage is not just one option among many but a fixed law of the creation order. To ignore it is both sexual and civilizational suicide."

Allan C. Carlson

"Men and Marriage is that most rare book where time has transformed clear observation, fresh thinking, and compelling writing into terrifying prophecy."

Brad Wilcox

"George Gilder offers an incomparably incisive and thought-provoking meditation on men today, especially the ways in which marriage matters for men."

Steve deace

"Gilder’s formative work is rightfully being reloaded for a new generation before it sadly becomes America’s final one."

Christianity today

"The genius of George Gilder is that he can venture into the heart of this tempestuous rage . . . yet send back this calm, rational, even hope-filled message in a bottle."

Rush Limbaugh

“If I didn’t have my brain, I’d want Gilder’s.

Study everything you can get your hands on by George Gilder, a true American genius."

National review

“Men and Marriage... is an outstandingly important and well-argued book."

who is george gilder?

The Sage Against the Machine

George Gilder is an icon.

He is one of the leading economic and technological thinkers of the past fifty years. Men and Marriage is his seminal work on the family.

He wrote the global bestseller Wealth and Poverty, which was Ronald Reagan’s most quoted book. He predicted the iPhone 15 and the rise of Netflix in 1990 with Life After Television.

‍He is a polymath and an influential venture capitalist. Today he lives with his wife in western Massachusetts.

What's in the box?

the hardback

If only we listened to George 50 years ago. . .

The trad-con's bible into the apocalypse. Jet fuel for feminazi dogfights and psyops. The booster shot America needed 50 years ago to engineer men who would've made us the Jetsons by now. Instead, those men watched 36,000 years of porn in 2022. Don't waste your strength for the next 50 years.

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2 Stickers

For gym bottles, diesel tank doors, bump stocks, the office door of your Women's Studies Professor, and any Ayn Rand book.

the Koozie

Lawns are tamed. The marketplace has been disciplined with your canoe paddle. The kids are in bed.

It's time to crack a cold one. Keep it cold in your militant minivan koozie.

The gilder movie

streaming access

Forbes calls George a prophet who is "so consistently farsighted in fathoming the future of high technology.” Over a decade in advance, he called the iPhone, working from home with Zoom, and the rise of Netflix over cable's dead body.

Stream Sage Against the Machine: The Life and Work of George Gilder on all your screens.

the Sage shirt

The commies went with Che. We're going with George.

In this shirt, we do a little taking responsibility for ourselves, we love one woman, and our children occupy the gates of our enemies.

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